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Kevin Durant’s Okahoma City Thunder took a 98 – 95 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies tonight. Part of the fall out of KD’s poor performance is more talk of a Based God Curse and as further collateral damage, the clowning of his hair.

For those who may be unfamiliar, Lil B is no fan of the high-scoring NBA superstar. A Twitter beef that started in 2011 has continued with the Based God dropping a track called “F*ck KD (Kevin Durant Diss)” in March. This in turn led to some folk, starting with the Based God, believing the reason Durant has yet to win a championship is due to him being in the crosshairs of the “Won Ton Soup” rapper.

Anyway, fast forward to tonight (April 24), and KD’s 10-27 performance (Westbrook was 9-26) has lead to ether in the Internets. The fact that he needs to invest in a good boar bristle brush and durag is just a bonus. Peep the hilarious memes in the gallery.

Photo: Twitter

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