When it comes to socially conscious rappers, or even those with the slightest hint of common sense, Soulja Boy‘s name will probably never come up. So it should come as no surprise that the “We Made It” rapper is advocating that Actavis reverse its course and continue selling promethazine codeine, the main ingredient in sizzurp. 

Reports TMZ:

Soulja Boy tells TMZ … he’s “mad as hell” over Actavis’ decision to cease all production of promethazine codeine — saying it doesn’t punish rappers — it hurts the infirmed.

S.B. doesn’t think Actavis’ decision had anything to do with celebrities drinking it — even though that’s what the company said, adding, “Actavis is running away from money … they could be selling out everywhere.”

Soulja says he drinks Actavis on the road so he can sleep — and he says there’s nothing wrong with that … so he’s rallying his friends together in a petition drive.

What rappers do in their personal time, no matter how harmful to themselves, is ultimately their own business. However, don’t insult our intelligence by claiming you’re sipping on lean to help you sleep when by the looks of your Instagram that is clearly not the case. The truth is SB more than likely an addict—it’s the only way to explain such an asinine cause.

C’mon son.

Photo: Instagram

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