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As the Donald Sterling debacle continues to have the Internets going nuts, an interesting factoid has come to light. V. Stiviano, the girlfriend of Black and Mexican descent that surely leaked Starling’s racist commetary, seems to be besties with Karine “Superhead” Steffans

The proof is on social media, where Steffans has posted messages bigging up Stiviano for tickets to Clippers games, for example. This evening, the Clippers finally released a statement and in the non-denial they mentioned that Stiviano has been charged with embezzling 1.8M from the family and threatened to “get even.” Oh word?

The next logical question is, did Superhead offer Stiviano advice on how to get back at Sterling?

Peep the photos of Steffans steady name dropping her BFF in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram

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