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Wale’s Every Blue Moon team and Goodwood NYC have been co-conspirator with one another to deliver a treasured collector’s item for fans of the D.C. rap star.

Next month a very limited release of collectible pin sets bearing Wale’s trademarked logo will be unveiled. There is much emphasis on the “very limited” because only 50 of them plan to be made. Goodwood carves every last one of their items to the utmost quality so a mass quantity rollout of anything they create is rather unlikely.

Each pin is tailored specifically to Wale’s preferences, as highlighted through his music over the years. The first dons the colors of red, white and blue, which aren’t necessary patriotic. They represent his hometown love for the Washington Wizards, who just crept out of the opening round of the NBA Playoffs for the first time since like, forever. The second pin embodies the colors of black and gold, which should be self-explantatory, and the third pin’s colorway reflects the Seinfeld logo, which help catapult the lyricist’s career from the Internet onto the moving scene.

Sneaker Man Dan, Creative Director of Every Blue Moon spoke highly of their latest power moving saying, “This project has been a meaningful and fun experience for us. It has been a pleasure working with the Every Blue Moon team – fans of the brand and Wale will absolutely love rocking these pins.”

Team Goodwood has had a successful relationship with Maybach Music artists in the past. Stalley released a groovy line of iPhone cases at the top of the year at a NYC unveiling.

Flip through the gallery to see all the pins in Wale’s upcoming collection, which drop on May 12th for $50 via the GoodWood NYC website at Follow @GoodWoodNY so you can stay in the loop as well.

Photo: Goodwood NYC

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