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Justin Bieber may or may not be completely “addicted” to lean but he was sharp to “allegedly” offend his homeland’s most popular city’s embattled mayor.

Toronto’s The Star has their own B.I.G. story to tell in lieu of the recent discovery that Toronto mayor Rob Ford couldn’t leave the crack rock alone à la Pookie from New Jack City.

Again, “allegedly,” Ford was partying at Muzik Nightclub located at 15 Saskatchewan Rd. when he ran into the pop star who asked, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?” as the men were exchanging handshakes. Enraged and embarrassed, the mayor then went back to his VIP seating area where he proceeded to get wasted with ladies who were paid to be in his presence.

All this apparently happened on March 15 in preparation of St. Patrick’s Day, which fell on the following Monday. Obviously the politician must have been hurt by the comment because he was later seen showering his face in booze to the point where he went to a private bathroom and didn’t come back for 45 minutes. Upon his return, he was reportedly slurring his words and rambling about everything under the sun. Which included a guilty stream of consciousness gem in, “My wife and children hate me. I am in over my head.”

A custodian alleged that he had to mop up the mayor’s vomit, who ungratefully drunk himself silly until 5 a.m. The Star also says people acknowledged on Twitter that Bieber and Ford were in the building so the likehood of this story being true just increased.

The bright side to these accounts that Ford is taking the first step in admitting that he’s out of control and heading to rehab.

We probably shouldn’t count this one so we’ll just say in 12 more shuffles, he’ll be clean and ready to run his sector of Canada in no time.

Photo: The Globe And Mail