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“Tweeting Through It” has become an art form onto itself. These days, it’s not just your hoodrat baby mama that gets all up in her feelings and lets it all out on Twitter, your favorite rappers have also been known to express their emotions in 140 characters or less.

Whether it’s Kanye West going at a late night talk show host (done for publicity), or it’s a certain West Coast rapper complaining about which rappers he could knock out (during the BET Awards, no less), or it’s Roscoe Dash complaining about not getting credit (he’s right), Hip-Hop’s finest have their Tweet-tastic moments, just like the rest of us.

For example: Meek Mill’s recent rant about racism, Donald Sterling, and society as a whole. You’d love nothing better than to take the rant seriously…but you can’t help but read it and hear HIS voice as you read it, which makes it unintentionally hilarious.

Here, then, is our list of the 15 greatest, most hilarious, most notable Twitter rants by your favorite rappers…and ours!

Photo: LRG

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