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Esteemed Black comedians Kevin Hart and Mike Epps haven’t exactly become chummy since the last time they feuded on Twitter and that beef was once again resumed today, May 2 as a free bout of entertainment for the world.

“Just heard @TheRealMikeEpps called me “Overrated” on the radio this AM!,” Hart exclaimed on his Twitter account to his 10.5 million followers. “I missed it bcuz I was on set “WORKING”do u remember what that is?”

So the entire online universe heard him loud and clear, Hart then took to his Instagram to release a viral video. “I’m at work today and this was brought to my attention,” Hart said online video as he checked in with our sister site Bossip in reference to the aforementioned Epps radio interview. “Dude, don’t come for me. We’re at two different levels! Until you do better with your ticket sales, leave Kevin Hart name out your mouth.”

From there, the war was on with both funnymen trying to out do each, to an extent. Epps must have been a little intoxicated as his tweets began to come out incoherently, which Hart used to his advantage.

“@KevinHart4real tell everybody that you sacrificed your man hood for fame nigga and you beg me to be open up fo for me before you got on,” he rambled. Hart gained the upper hand firing back with, “I got this ninja @eppsie so damn mad right now….he can’t even talk right…can somebody please TRANSLATE this.”

Apparently the “overrated” comment stemmed from Epps saying he does real movies like his upcoming appearance as Richard Pryor in the upcoming Nina Simon biopic and Hart “stole” from him.

We talked to Ice Cube earlier in the year and he said Hart was definitely his favorite sidekick to work with throughout the years. And there still is the numbers reflecting the truth (Hart’s 10.5 million Twitter followers vs. Epps’ 2.2 million).

Regardless, we’ll let you decide who won this round. Check all the responses in the gallery.

Photo: Twitter/Kevin Hart, Mike Epps

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