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Another day, another rap beef, as rapper Lil Reese accused 2 Chainz of the Hip-Hop’s cardinal sin: biting. Let the GBE rapper tell it, his Def Jam label mate five-finger discounted one of his lines to create the chorus on “Wuda Cuda Shuda” from his Freebase EP.

Like always, Twitter was the vessel of choice for this revelation. “2 chains old a** weak Af for dat hook tell him I said it yea he kno wat I’m Tom bout…..#300,” Reese tweeted. The root of the accusation comes after the Chicago native spit, “You’s a woulda, shoulda, coulda n*gga/Okay your clique’s a bunch of woulda, shoulda, coulda n*ggas,” on Lil Herb’s Welcome To Fazoland song, “On My Soul.

Now this could all be a misunderstanding, because no idea is original and it’s normal for a wordsmith to find inspiration in another’s music. 2 Chainz, however, tweeted a blanket message that sounded like a response to Reese.

“I don’t listen to regular radio I don’t listen to satellite and I dam sholl don’t listen to fuck nuggas ! play wit it!,” the Hair Weave Killer wrote.

Let’s see where this goes, but in the meantime, hit the jump to see all of the aforementioned tweets and more.

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