Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida name checked T.I. when he got called out for agreeing to become an informant. Having suggested that the rapper was a snitch, however, was a big no-no.

In a recent appearance on the Big Tigger Show over at V-103 Atlanta radio station, T.I. talked all things music but, as expected, also touched on his run-in with Nida. The Kang had a few choice words of his own.

“To be honest with you, my phone rang and somebody said ‘Ey man, dude said such and such.’ I was like ‘Nah man, couldn’t be.’ I hadn’t seen it,” explained T.I.P. “I just happened to have been at an event and I saw him and asked him what was up with that. He said he didn’t do it […] So I just told him to clarify so people wouldn’t be misconstrued [pause] I went on by my day.”

The very frank ATL representer was seemingly unruffled at the blatantly preposterous remarks of a reality TV star and continued to speak in a calm manner over the air waves. “Anybody got something to say about me, man, make sure it’s the truth. If it ain’t the truth, just be ready to see me.”

See full interview in the video clip below and on the following page.


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