Vic Mensa isn’t naive to the fact that even the most luckiest of individuals have bad days. Thankfully, when you’re an artist–especially one with the utmost creativity, you’re able to tailor your own happy ending while still offering up glimpses of reality bites.

Chicago’s very own is riding off his unveiling of the 2014 XXL Freshmen selection and is already swinging for the mainstream fences as his “Down on My Luck” single is picking up steam. The 90s house music vibe is an obvious ploy for universal appeal but the vibrant rhythm and catchy melody still maintains the artistic credibility that has gotten him this far.

As for the video, think Groundhog Day meets Adam Sandler’s Click spliced with a bit of new age club love. As the night slowly shapes up to be a struggle-fest (crazy side chicks, undercover police jocking, Final Destination), Mensa is able to choose his own adventure and right his wrongs in the process. It’s actually laudable entertainment, a nod towards the vision director Ben Dickinson at Ghost Robot cooked up.

Push play and catch the groove in the process in clip below. There is zero doubt that this will reappear in The Wrap Up at the end of the week.

Photo: YouTube

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