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The past has found its way to catch up with Plies as the Florida-based rapper is being sued.

Taking place back in 2006, a nightclub shooting in Gainesville left five victims looking for their justice through way of Plies and his record label.

Filed Wednesday in Alachua County Circuit Court, the lawsuit makes claims that the rapper and his label have been responsible behind the increase of gangsta rap credibility and have heavily benefited, financially, from the suffering of the victims, according to the Miami Herald.

Since the event, there is rumor that the rapper has made countless references to the shooting when he raps as a way to propel his street cred.

There has been no amount determined for which the plaintiffs are suing for.

According to reports, a member of Plies team allegedly fired shots in the club as a result of a tussle that occurred with another, unidentified, rapper.  Authorities arrested Plies after weapons were allegedly discovered within his vehicle.

Pleading no contest to illegal possession of a concealed weapon, the rapper was able to avoid time behind bars for the incident.

Also involved in the altercation was his brother, Ronell “Big Gates” Levatte, who wasn’t as lucky in the court room.  His brother pleaded no contest, but served three years for weapon charges.