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therealstylesp invincible fiction novel by styles p drops june 1st!!!!!!

While most rappers are strictly writing rap records, D-Block’s Styles P is taking his penmanship a little bit farther by creating a novel.

Titled “Invincible”, the Ghost is taking his first crack in literature by delivering his own fiction novel which has finally received a release date of June 1.

The rapper was able to catch up with Hip-Hop Wired and speak give the details on the upcoming book and what made him want to transition to writing books.


“I never really took the time out to give it a shot, it’s just something I always wanted to do.  I got a love for books and reading. Actually, what happened, I was getting on the plane and I forgot my book but I wanted to read so I decided to give it a shot, did a few pages, ended up messing with Random house.  Action packed mystery very climactic ending, dramatic, basically that’s it.  Just sometimes you got to chase your dreams or they chase you.”


Describing the book as a “jail mystery”, details are scare on the actual story, but he has assured that the writing was all his own, with minor help from an editing team.  In regards to making it loosely based off of his experience in jail, he added that it is strictly fiction.

Along with the book, SP is also planning to deliver a soundtrack that should be loosely based off of the events that take place.

Looking at his longevity in the rap game, the rapper stated that there will come a time where he will hang up the microphone and become full time as an author.

“I’m just transcending into full time hustler. I’m trying to work around the clock and just call it a day. We trying to get into film too. We got some ideas and trying to do it all. But definitely plan to be full time author, part time rapper in a couple years. But I still got a lot left to say.”


Always known to deliver the real side to the streets, expectations are high for what fans will come to read as they flip through the pages of a novel penned by The Ghost.