In the latest unnecessary onslaught of racial slurs, the CEO of Tennessee’s Hospitality Association made the bold decision to send an e-mail out to a group of public figures where he compares the first lady, Michelle Obama, to a chimpanzee.

It was reported by the Tennessean of Nashville that CEO Walt Baker’s e-mail compared Obama to the sidekick of character Tarzan, Cheeta.  The message features a picture of the first lady caught off guard with her lips pursed, accompanied by a chimp that has a similar expression on its face.

Since news broke, Baker has apologized for his actions.

How many of these figures would be up here apologizing if they weren’t caught?  There’s no point in saying sorry for something that had its full intentions when the idea first came to mind.

On Saturday, he stated, through e-mail to Nashville Metro Council, that the message was not meant to be looked at as being something malicious, but was only trying to provide some type of “political humor.”

“Thursday night I spontaneously forwarded – to a small group of people – an email that had been sent to me as political humor,” Baker wrote. “As I forwarded it, I did not think or consider its implications, other than that it was political humor. I am saddened that anyone misinterpreted the sentiments behind the email. I deeply apologize to anyone who is offended by this action. I hope that those who know me realize that the message was not intended to be malicious or hurtful in any way and can find it in their hearts to forgive me.”

Unfortunately for Baker, however, his joke wasn’t able to make everyone laugh as the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau made the decision that it would be disassociating itself and have dropped its contract with the CEO’s marketing firm.

Now that is what we call humor!

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