CNN host Chris Cuomo has been praised as a typically level-headed television personality who doesn’t take sides and fairly assesses the situation on both sides by way of his program. However, all bets were off when a man used a term that is apparently offensive to Italians, prompting Cuomo to offer the gentleman the Queens […]

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A 6th-grade teacher in the town of Bedford, Texas has found herself in a heap of struggle after she gave her class of students the nickname “Jighaboos” but claims she didn’t know it was an offensive slur. The school district has since apologized for the teacher’s actions, and a father at the school who brought the matter […]

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As details regarding the trial of George Zimmerman continue to be thrown about by talking heads looking to increase their fifteen minutes of fame, the debate over racial slurs has heated up as well. CNN decided to have a debate Monday (July1) over the “n-word” and “cracker” slurs, and attempted to have a serious discussion […]


A New jersey woman filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against CVS Tuesday (April 16), claiming one of its employees wrote a racial slur on her receipt. Describing herself as “adult ethnic Korean,” the woman was “mortified” by the treatment.

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Vladimir Labissiere, the Black photographer called a “ni**er” and a  “fa**ot,” by Sean Penn’s son will press charges. Labissiere was following the actor and his son, Hopper, into a Beverly Hills medical building when the teen used the slurs.


Lisa Lampanelli who is white, posted a pic of her and actress/writer/director Lena Dunham of HBO’s Girls fame on Twitter. No big deal in itself, but it’s the caption, which used a racial slur (though she’ll tell you different) that is at issue.

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Stephen A. Smith, the fiery ESPN analyst and co-host of blustery morning sports show First Take has found himself in the middle of another potential controversy after reportedly dropping the “n-bomb” on live TV. While discussing favorite subject the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, Smith seems to have let the word slip while speaking on the All-Star’s foot […]

In the latest unnecessary onslaught of racial slurs, the CEO of Tennessee’s Hospitality Association made the bold decision to send an e-mail out to a group of public figures where he compares the first lady, Michelle Obama, to a chimpanzee. It was reported by the Tennessean of Nashville that CEO Walt Baker’s e-mail compared Obama […]