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Vladimir Labissiere, the Black photographer called a “ni**er” and a  “fa**ot,” by Sean Penn’s son will press charges. Labissiere was following the actor and his son, Hopper, into a Beverly Hills medical building when the teen used the slurs.

Hopper was peppered with questions and after asking to be left alone he lost control. And now the outburst could have legal repercussions.

From Hip Hollywood:

 When paparazzo Vladimir Labissiere set out to get a few shots of Sean Penn and his son Hopper things got drastically out of hand — and Labissiere told HipHollywood he plans to press charges!

Vladimir claims Hopper pushed him, flipped him the bird, then hurled racial and gay slurs at him — And that seems to be a pretty accurate account of the altercation. In the paps video you can seen young Penn ram into the camera, through up his middle finger, then turn back and yell “you’re a Fawking fa**ot” and “shut up, you Fawking ni**er”.

The seasoned pap says he stayed calm during the entire incident and chose not to retaliate physically because Hopper is just a “little kid”. But, after initially deciding not to go forward with legal action, Labissiere has had a change of heart and wants to teach 19 year-old Hopper a lesson telling HH, “I don’t want him to feel like this is normal behavior and it’s ok to do this, like it’s not cool.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Vladimir Labissiere to hear his side of the story and also find out if he accepts Hoppers apology, if he plans to sue and why he thinks Hopper Penn is racist.


In an interview with TMZ, Hopper apologized for his words, and accused the paparozzo of accosting him, making him “feel like an animal – threatened and under attack.

View Labissiere’s interview with Hip Hollywood below.

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