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Super producer Solar has finally decided to come out and explain his side of the accusations from Hip-Hop legend Guru’s family.

As previously reported, Guru’s nephew- Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff came out to “expose the truth” about how he and his family felt that Solar was trying to bar them from seeing Guru.

In the two part video, Ruff explains his encounter dealing with Solar and the hospital in which Guru is currently checked in and the fiasco that surrounded his attempt to see his uncle.

“When I arrived at the hospital, I was advised by the front desk that I was not on the list.” Ruff explained, “When I asked her to check again, she pulled out a second list and stated that I was on the list that the Medical Proxy gave stating not to allow in.”

Guru’s nephew speaks on being blocked from seeing his uncle.


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After listening to the detailed account, fans were not only shocked, but also wondering what was really going on with the rap legend and why Solar was issuing statements that he was awake, when his nephew clearly stated that Guru “was still in a coma.”

Adding to suspicions, on Guru’s official Twitter page on March 5th (3 days prior to his nephew’s video) was a tweet that supposedly came from Guru:

My Brother, sister and Niece visited me last week. My brother stayed with @Solar_7Grand for 3 days. Truth!! 1:01 AM Mar 5th via web

Guru’s nephew speaks on confronting Solar about his uncle’s health.


Solar recently sat down in an interview with New York City’s HOT 97 DJs Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Morning Show, stating that there was no issue with Guru’s family having visitation and he doesn’t know where the statements are coming from.

“At the hospital was my first time meeting his nephew,” Solar stated.  “All of his family lives in California but I am in constant contact with both his sister and brother.”

When asked about the current condition of Guru, Solar seemed to avoid the question stating that “he is doing well.”


I don’t know about you guys, but this situation is sounding more and shadier with each development.  Guru’s longtime partner and Gangstarr member DJ Premier also spoke on the situation stating:

“First of all anyone that’s been seeing any statements from me, it’s all false,” Premier said. “If it wasn’t told to someone directly, it’s not coming from me. I have never made a statement until today, and I will not make a statement until all the facts are given from the proper people.  And the proper people are not giving the facts, so there’s nothing to say until we get that.”

When asked about allegations surrounding Solar controlling the flow of information regarding the rapper and who he has contact with, DJ Premier did not address the question directly but instead he stated,

“Shout out to Justin Ruff, a true soldier and a warrior that took on his own initiative to truly let motherf***ers know evil lurks in Guru’s life still, and that sh** will cease eventually. ‘Cause God don’t like ugly like they say, and love always conquers the devil,” he stated.

Peep the rest of the footage  and let us know what you think:

Guru’s nephew Justin Ruff originally speaking on Guru’s health condition and his family’s beef with Solar.

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