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Chicago lyrical tactician Twista, who has delivered hits such as “Like A 24” “Overnight Celebrity” and “Slow Jamz,” will be hitting fans off with his latest offering as his new album Category F5, hits stores today.

In an interview with, Twista spoke on the strength of his newest album and compared it to his past works:

“I would say definitely that fans can expect it to be where Twista’s evolution is supposed to be in ’09. As far as the strongest album, it’s hard to say because people have different vibes and sounds. Some people might say that they like Kamikaze the best, while others might like Adrenaline Rush the best. I definitely feel like Category F5 will be in the argument as far as my top recording. I would say that this is the perfect level of evolution where a Twista fan would expect me to be.”

The first single is “Wetter” and puts The Chicago spitter back in pimp mode and is a sequel to the original “Get It Wet” from his 1997 album Adrenaline Rush. Twista further explained his reasoning to giving an 2009 spin on one of his classics.

“It was more of a broad prospective of us knowing that we wanted to kind of recapture that sound that we had when we first came out. It was more about going into the original sounds and into that original mind state. The “Wetter” joint happened to be the one that emulated the type of vibe that came from “Get It Wet.” That’s why we didn’t mind people giving it the title of “Get It Wet Pt. 2” but it was really just a revisit of those sounds and elements to try and give you that original Twista feel. As far as the subject matter and the ladies, we went in and did our thing for the ladies.”

With the success of his first single, he has followed up with the singles “Birthday” and the latest, “American Gangsta.” As far as production, Twista has reached out to those that helped create his most acclaimed albums, Adrenaline Rush and Kamikaze, to help establish the different stages of Twista in music and his progression over the years.

“The good thing about Category F5 is that I have the producer that did songs on the Kamikaze record, do songs on this record. I also have the producers that did songs on Adrenaline Rush do a part of the production. The rest of the production I got from the hot producers out that are making music for the artists that are out here today. You will feel that vibe from the first Twista, that middle Twista during Kamikaze, and you will feel the vibe of the way I was putting it down for today. I think it’s a well-rounded album when it comes to delivering that original Twista sound and also giving them music that they can bump that fits in the scheme of today.”

Features include Busta Rhymes, R.Kelly and Static Major. He even brought his former rapping buddies Do or Die on the ride which he has stated to be a cold A$$ song that he is very proud of. Check out Twista’s latest videos: