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Hip-Hop veteran Snoop Dogg has tapped comedian turned rapper Mike Epps to be co-headliner for the limited run mini tour, “Imagine That!”

The tour which plans to start on April 30 in San Diego, will feature the pair in selected markets and combines their stage show with a story about two night-club performers who end up arrested and have to find their way out of prison.

Snoop who is a fan of Epps states that the performers’ worlds will “combine well onstage.”

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“Mike Epps is exceptional,” Snoop told MTV. “He’s the equivalent to Snoop Dogg in comedy. People love him. They respect his comedy, his views, his vision. He’s not too political, he’s not too raunchy. He’s not too offensive. When you say Mike Epps, people laugh. They smile. They associate him with funny.

When you say Snoop Dogg, people get excited and start singing songs and thinking about certain moments in time when certain records took them to the next day. I had to find somebody who I could match and who could match me as far as putting my show with his show and making our show — a show of all shows that people could talk about for years.”

Snoop says the show will have a Rat Pack feel with tuxedos, hair and wardrobe changes and, of course, the two sharing the stage at the same time.

In addition to his mini-tour, fans all over the world are anticipating the follow up More Malice, which is scheduled to drop on Tuesday (March 23).

“I like to be very creative. I like to give people all of Snoop Dogg when I give them an album. I felt like on the [Malice N Wonderland] record, I didn’t give all of Snoop Dogg like I really could have.”

Snoop further stated to MTV,

“I had to make the record be about 12 songs and conceptually stick to the script as opposed to what I normally do with 20 to 21 songs on the album and overdose people. So what I did [on More Malice] was, I pulled back from the music and put a little more thought in the creative side as far as the visual aspects. Am I gonna just make one video and say, ‘This is the single’ and hope that people attract to it? Or was I gonna make a mini-movie to make people understand the philosophy behind this Malice N Wonderland project, and that’s what I was on.”

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