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With the group now back to its original stable of 5, due to the return of Bizzy Bone and Flesh Bone being released from prison, there is already word going around that the group might be meeting its demise again.

They didn’t even release the comeback album Uni-5 yet and the rumor reel is running rampant that they are finished.

The recent speculations have included Bizzy Bone not going on the promotional tour with the group due to money issues and there has been word that Krayzie Bone has stated that he will be exiting the group.

Looking to cool down the flames and give some more clarity to what is going on behind the scenes within the group, Layzie decided to come forth and address the talks of the group coming to a close…again.

“No Bizzy wont be on tour mainly because he felt that the money wasnt enough for Bone Thugs. which i can understand but i think he failed to realize that we were using this run as a promo run to promote the album. its nothng new we’ve been rocking the house many years without him and we have Flesh which is very cool.”

He adds, however, that Bizzy’s decision doesn’t necessarily mean that the group is one man out.

“That doesn’t mean you’ll never see Bizzy with Bone. we or at least i can somewhat respect his decision.But this wasnt a money thing to the rest of us but more to connect our new music with our core and some new fans.”

Layzie also addresses Krayzie Bone making his own “exit” from the group.

“Has Krayzie Bone left the group. Cut the games myself and Kray started this whole thing. we’ve been at this our whole life doing music together. we might do solo’s and have our own dreams and aspirations but Kray with no Lay Wish and Flesh is like Melvin without his Bluenotes lol. And Tim your right again the album is being released april 27th.The Promo hasnt been great but weve made the true fans that support us wait long enough. WB will eventually catch up OR our fans will put us in high demand like they’ve done since Thuggish Ruggish Bone. cotrary to what these hatas are trying to say Bone dont make bulls**t music, we recorded over a hundred songs for this album and the creativity just wont stop. take dat take dat. To be continued!!!!!!!!”

Wow, all of this work for a comeback album, people would come to think the group was the Hip-Hop version of The Temptations as much as the roster has changed and had issues.  Let’s just keep it all together for the album guys, the fans have been patient enough.