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“It’s a classic, like part one.”

Since dropping Crime Pays back in 2009, Cam’Ron has been moving swiftly in returning back to Hip-Hop.

Creating a new Dipset and teaming with his new protégé Vado to unleash an arsenal of tracks and mixtapes, the reintroduction of Killa Cam has been on a non-stop trip.

With buzz continuing to build, the rapper is slated to re-up and release a sequel to his 2006 album, Killa Season, and even brush off his acting with a movie to accompany the release.

During an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star, Vado elaborated on the upcoming project from Cam and what fans can expect to hear from his mentor.

“Ain’t nothing changed, man. Just a different chapter. Ain’t nothing changed, N***as just going hard. You already know, Killa Season 2 the album is crazy, movie is crazy.”

For those that need extra assurance, Vado adds that he gave the mixtape releases the same co-sign and everyone knows what the reception was for the DJ Drama-assisted projects.

“Remember when I told y’all in the last interview I did, I told y’all the Boss of All Bosses 2 was gonna be crazy and classic? Same Shyte. Same Shyte, we putting out classics man. Classic street Shyte. Music overall world Shyte. It don’t matter…I think the summer [it’s dropping.] He ain’t gonna be having y’all wait too long.”

In playing devil’s advocate, most remember Killa Season as being far from up to par in comparison to his previous release, Purple Haze, and actually served as the album that made fans lose interest.  This time around, who knows.

Although he was unable to fulfill his words back then, maybe the promise for a hot summer may actually be coming to fruition this time around for Cam and his new roster of The UN.