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A teacher at a private school in Texas lost her job after her 5-year-old student told his mother that the woman encouraged his classmates to punch him in the face.

Devarius Williams. a kindergarten student at Robindell Private School, says his teacher was punishing him for getting into a fight before a field trip.

The unnamed teacher’s class was on their way to a field trip to a Sugarland, TX Chuckie Cheese when the teacher reportedly told students to punch the boy in the face one-by-one as they got into the school van.

Devarius’ mother tells the Houston Chronicle,

“The teacher that was driving his particular van got him and his group together and said, ‘When we get on the van, I want everybody to punch Devarius in the face because he punched the little girl in the face. As each child got on the bus, she said ‘go. They punched my son and went and sat down.”

The director of the school, Chuck Wall, says he fired the teacher after the mother called to complain. This is the second teacher to be fired in the past six weeks for encouraging students to hit the child. Wall says however that the boy is a problem child.

“The kid didn’t get beat up — this is a kid who has repeatedly beat up kids in my school. He had punched a little girl like a punching bag and was caught by one of my teachers and what he got back … was absolutely minor in comparison to what he did to this poor little girl.”

The mother of the boy says the incidents are dangerous because the child suffers from Chiari syndrome and an irregular pituitary gland.

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