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In 2007 there was a clash of the titans when Kanye West and 50 Cent released their albums Graduation and Curtis at the same time.

West would win the battle of first week sales with 957,000 crushing 50 Cent’s numbers of 691,000 copies.

Coincidentally 50 Cent will involve himself in another battle on the exact same day two years later as a member of the G-Unit camp has reported that Before I Self Destruct will go up against Jay-Z’s Blueprint III on September 11.

The two New York natives recently had a battle on the financial side when Jay-Z took the crown and the number one spot on Forbes annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings List whereas 50 Cent dropped dramatically to the number four spot.

Pitting two Hip-Hop superstars has worked as a marketing scheme to get consumers to fill retail stores and purchase CDs. Although seen as a competition both artists generally come out on top as it relates to funds generated. The only thing that is at stake is pride and the bragging rights of having the number one album.

With the commercial flop of Curtis, in comparison to his prior albums, he has a lot to prove with his upcoming project and it seems as though his back may be up against the wall. At this point it is all or nothing as fans have continued to place faith in him and he has continued to disappoint them.

In anticipation for his return to mainstream music, 50 Cent has promised to bring back the hardcore sound of Hip-Hop made popular in the 90’s and resonated in his debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ in 2003. He recently brought his edge back through mixtapes with the releases of War Angel and Forever King.

As 50 Cent has ensured his new mindset of being a rapper without a record deal, it seems that his hunger is back and he intends to feed the streets the music that they have wanted to hear from him since his debut dropped. If the grittiness in his recent mixtapes is any indication of what to expect in September, the rapper may be able to finally rise from the ashes.

When the Queens native challenged West for the number one spot, he put his own career on the line and said that he would retire. Clearly that wasn’t the case. If this project doesn’t meet expectations though, fans may have no choice but to impeach his as a rapper.

Mark your calendars because September 11 will be an epic event as the two giants will fight for control of New York. Will it be the return of the Soundscan Killer or will fans see the “Death of Curtis?”