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“We want our money!  We want our shelter!”, “Who’s the real criminals?

Red Cross, double cross!” & “Red Cross where’s the money?  That’s our blood down in Haiti!”

These repeated chants were shouted by upset demonstrators who withstood the drizzling rain this past Monday evening while gathering in front of the Headquarters of the American Red Cross at 429 W49th St. in mid-town Manhattan.

They were publicly protesting the whereabouts of hundreds of millions of dollars in public donations that was supposed to go towards relief efforts in Haiti.

“Everybody who went into their pockets and pulled out $5, $10, some pulled out thousands of dollars – because they saw the suffering in Haiti.  People donated money to the Red Cross thinking that it was going to Haiti – we call that a double cross!” – shouted Omawale Clay of the December 12th Movement

He added,

“Suffering took place because the U.S. & France are the biggest criminal enterprises in the world!  Haiti’s underdevelopment is directly because of the U.S. & France!  The people saw the misery and heartbreak and gave their money to this criminal enterprise!”

The financial contributions from across the U.S. were supposed to be utilized for clean clothes, food and water and also to set up new shelters for many of the residents who were devastated and displaced by the 7.0 magnitude killer quake which struck the peninsula-country’s capita of Port-Au-Prince this past January 12th.

Yet, many individuals working with the relief efforts are saying that the executives at the Red Cross are using the funds for their own personal gains and also that the U.S. is using the disaster as an excuse to deploy over 100,000 military personnel there as they plan to re-colonize the nation.

They sent Clinton and Bush down there to continue the robbery of Haiti!” -Clay suggested.

“There’s no difference between the Red Cross and Wall street.  They’re not in the business of crisis – they’re in the business of making a profit.  They make a profit off the crisis, heartache and humanitarian needs of the people.

“The people gave money because they want to help… out of the love for their people – but this Red Cross is nothing but American double cross.  They make a profit off of people’s misery… don’t be fooled by them!”

According to certain reports the American Red Cross has collected over $354 million for relief aid in Haiti, yet only approximately 1/3rd of that has been accounted for.

“People all over the U.S.; your friends, relatives, everybody in solidarity with Haiti; gave money to the Red Cross, thinking that they weren’t the good old American gangster entrepreneurial, seditious double crossers.  Red Cross has only allocated $106 million out of $354 million,” claimed Clay.

He went on to warn:

“You know how they do, once they collect the money, they take Haiti off the television – they did it with Katrina.  They think that we’re going to forget… but we’re not going to forget Haiti because that’s our blood down there!”

Also of significance is the upcoming rain season in that region of the Caribbean, which is expected to strike Haiti with torrential floods and mud slides within a month.  Without proper shelter and necessary supplies for survival, the small nation is sure to suffer more casualties and is still in dire need of more financial and moral support, rather than more armed soldiers.

“It is very unfortunate for the suffering people in Haiti to be deprived of the resources that good people intended for them because the Red Cross has not allowed the free flow of those resources.  Evil takes no holidays!” -assessed Brother Tarik.

Clay concluded:

“The Red Cross is a criminal enterprise and they are carrying out crimes all around the world!  Haiti stood up for us and we’re going to stand up for Haiti.  Haiti stood up for Africa and Africa is going to stand up for Haiti.  Haiti stood up for all freedom loving people.  Haiti is going to rise again. All we have to do is get these imperialist off your back.  Rise up Haiti.  In the name of the spirits of Toussaint, Dessalines and Christophe – Haiti rise!”

To make donations towards relief aid for Haiti you can contact Friday Haitian Relief Coalition: 718-398-1766.