“If you’re not drinking Ciroc vodka, then you’re drinking pee pee.”

Clearly, some can get a little hot under the collar when up against their competition as both are trying to find ways to effectively trip up their opposition.

In the spirit of competition, Diddy seems to have ruffled a few feathers after making some harsh comments in regards to his rivals within the liquor industry.

Reported by TMZ, while endorsing his brand of alcohol, the Bad Boy stated that if a person wasn’t drinking Ciroc, then he/she might as well have been sipping on urine.

Millionaire Martin Silver, the man behind Georgi Vodka didn’t take too kindly to such remarks and claimed that he was offended when he heard the news that Diddy made such a brash statement last week while in a New York nightclub.

In response, Silver plans to pull some of his own tricks by dumping several liters of Ciroc into a “large toilet” and deliver it to Diddy, unless he receives an apology.

It’s such a shame that some people can become so sensitive and resort to such drastic measures for something so insignificant.

In regards to Diddy, sources close to the mogul have brushed Silver’s response off as merely being a publicity stunt and as something that doesn’t deserve any further comment.

The spectacle from Silver is scheduled to happen tomorrow afternoon, so be on the lookout.