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With the sharp rise of police brutality and misconduct that has been occurring, the NAACP has found a way to utilize technology to report such instances and take necessary steps forward in ceasing this ongoing epidemic.

A survey in January composed of U.S. emergency physicians showed that 97.8 % believed that excessive force by police officers was used on patients that were brought in beaten.

A program called the “rapid response system” was launched Monday where people are able to use their cell phones to report incidents that involve misbehavior from police. This new system is part of their annual convention as the organization will be celebrating the centennial of its founding in New York in 1909.

With police brutality seeming to escalate in 2009, people who have been able to capture photos and make recordings of such cases, or any other misconduct, will be able to use their cell phones to send the footage through a Web browser or upload it to the organization through a computer. Once received, a form is sent back where a person will be able to provide further detail on the incident that they had witnessed.

Outside of simply reporting the negative actions performed by police, this new system can be employed to create a database and compile an extensive list of this rising problem with law enforcement and present it to the Justice Department. Presenting a history of abuse from law enforcement might send a stronger message that something must be done. The footage can also be used by the department as a means to highlight the problem and promote further discussion.

Since Barack Obama was elected the 44th president, police brutality has seen a sharp incline, especially affecting the African American community.

In May 2008 three Black men were wrongfully accused and beaten by more than 10 police officers during an arrest. Although they were acquitted of the charges recently, the methods used were clearly excessive and unnecessary.

The events that took place with the murder of Sean Bell by police, made it clear that the law has a power that it clearly abuses. It doesn’t seem as though they are here to simply serve and protect the people anymore and instead are intimidating and bullies with a badge and gun.

The most troubling issue with police brutality is the fact that it is nothing new and has come to be expected to happen although no actions have been made to put a stop to it. Hopefully the NAACAP has a solution with this new system, but if officers are acquitted from killing a man with no evidence of a weapon, there will be a long road ahead to traverse.