Nicki Minaj Releases “Massive Attack” From Debut Album


With over a year of preparation, Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has created her lane to be on the top of the mountain in regards to supremacy as a female rapper, although there’s barely competition.

Shaking comparisons of promoting an image similar to Lil Kim and delivering a flow comparable to Foxy Brown, the bouncy, animated rapper has found a way to show that being different isn’t always a bad thing.

In preparation for her upcoming debut album, which has yet to be titled, Minaj drops the first single from the project, “Massive Attack” featuring Sean Garrett.

“Massive Attack” feat. Sean Garrett

Well, the beat will definitely make ears pop like an airplane flight.

Along with the track, fans can expect the music video which will be dropping later within the week.

With the album initially expected to drop in March, the rapper has stated that she finds no real reason to rush and just put out an album, but the Barbie has enlisted some troops for her army.

Outside of Garrett, Minaj has stated that she is expecting some production from Swizz Beatz and with all of the late night work she’s put in with artists such as Usher, Ludacris, Mariah Carey and others, it should be more than certain that they might pay her back in some form.