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Parents of fifth graders at a Colorado elementary school are up in arms after a nurse brought in a human placenta for their children to poke and prod during class.

The St. Vrain Valley School District is offering an apology to parents for not obtaining permission before bringing in the organ for experimentation.

The incident happened in December at Alpine Elementary when a nurse midwife brought in the placenta and encouraged children to touch and poke it without wearing surgical masks or protective eyewear.

The children did wear gloves.

The organ that connects a mother and her fetus during pregnancy was brought in to teach about circulation.

Some parents were unaware of the incident until last week when an investigation by Colorado’s CBS 4 prompted the school to tell parents about what happened.

Alpine Elementary school is the same school that asked for permission slips from parents before their kids could watch a speech by President Obama and where parental permission is sought before children watch movies.

How hypocritical.

Parents are concerned about what their children could’ve been exposed to in the blood of the unknown human.

One of the mothers of the students, Christina Valentine, tells CBS 4 that she’s traumatized because of the incident and can’t sleep at night.

“They touched the blood of someone who we have no idea who it was. It has been traumatizing to our family and my daughter. I don’t sleep at night because I am worried about what she’s been exposed to.”

Christina Valentine has since had her daughter tested for diseases.

SMH…that’s just gross.

Why wouldn’t you ask for parental permission first?!