Poland Sues 50 Cent


In the latest trend of suing rappers, a polish city is taking another MC to court. The city of Garzow, Poland is suing 50 Cent for canceling a concert. He was scheduled to perform in August 2008 for a promotional concert. When he suddenly canceled, city officials said that his financial advisors did not refund the city their money or set up alternative arrangements. The concert was set to take place at a sports stadium that would hold 10,000 people.

The spokesperson for the city’s legal team spoke out about the disappointment Garzow experienced saying:

“We signed a contract for 200,000 zloty .The city logo appeared on posters. In every advertisement for the rapper, the city’s name appeared. We were convinced it was a good idea.”

200,000 zloty are equal to roughly $67,000 U.S. dollars.

She then continued saying:

“We got burned by the 50 Cent concert and now we will be more careful with such initiatives in the future.”