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Hold on, didn’t these two JUST record a song , “Massive Attack” together?

Apparently, the recording process behind Nicki Minaj’s first single from her upcoming debut album has caused a rift in the relationship between Barbie and songwriter Sean Garrett.

Once the music video for the single drops, one will wonder why the singer isn’t even featured.

According to reports, Garrett was responsible for penning the track for the female rapper and Nicki made the decision to change up some of the lyrics that is on the finished product.

Now the rumor reel is saying that a dispute has started between the two over the publishing rights for the song.

Adding insult to injury, Garrett reportedly wanted Nicki to appear at the video shoot for his single “Get It All”, but the rapper was a no show, which didn’t sit too well with the singer after giving her a helping hand.

While there has been no official word from Garrett or Minaj in regards to the developing “news”, one can only speculate exactly how things will pan out in this particular situation.

C’mon people with all this beef, let’s just do business like it’s meant to be done.