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Tis the season to build a rap sheet it seems as rappers are becoming more known for their time behind bars than the actual music they produce.

J Futuristic, formerly J Money or the guy that did “First Name, Last Name”, is the next to step up and be read his rights as a background check uncovered has unveiled that he was charged with child molestation, according to reports by

With the occurrence happening back in 1998, Futuristic, legally Jermaine Eddie Miller, has been in and out of the hands of the law stretching from then to now with his most recent charge being “Abandonment of Child” which happened in January and is the second offense.

In total, research has discovered that the rapper has been charged with over 16 felonies including possession with the intent to distribute, receiving stolen property, carrying a weapon, mutiny in penal institution, burglary.

That sounds like getting caught in a revolving door with all these cases.

The man was even charged with driving away without paying for gas.

Gas homie….damn, nobody could just put $5 on it so the car could at least get back to the house?

Below is a shot of all the charges filed against Futuristic along with a mugshot.

Maybe the focus is in the wrong place, but he’s 30?  Making “First Name Last Name”?  Damn homie…let’s pull it together.