R. Kelly does a lot of questionable things, but he does not scam money. That’s the claim of a regional court in South Africa. The court declared Wednesday that R. Kelly will not have to testify in an investment scam case. A woman from Durban South Africa, Busisiwe Priscilla Zakwe, made a claim that she and R. Kelly were working together in scamming high end people out of money. She was arrested in 2005 for swindling investors out of thousands of dollars. She assured them that they would benefit from an R. Kelly concert if they paid enough to bring him to that area.

Of course there was no upcoming concert so he never showed. In a blatantly obvious lie, the woman claimed that she deposited $10.5 million rand into Kelly’s bank account. $10.5 million rand equals to $1.3 million U.S. dollars. Umm, yeah right. Since receiving more media coverage from her false allegations more people are coming forward to press charges against the woman.

State prosecutor, Blackie Stewart, officially cleared Kelly’s name in the scam with a statement:

“The State has obtained a statement from R Kelly. He is not a witness and the state has no intention of calling him to testify.”

Zakwe can’t look forward to an R. Kelly concert but she can look forward to several years behind bars.