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“I don’t even remember the situation. It’s just something that was buried away, because even California didn’t know it was on the radar.”

The revolving door theory for those that have done time in prison seems to hold truth to it as Flesh-N-Bone found himself on the wrong side of the law once again after finally being freed.

Being accused of assaulting his mother over a decade ago, the rapper was arrested last month during an Ohio concert.

Denying the accusations being placed on his head, Flesh caught up with HipHopDX to addresses the claims.

“That’s exactly what it is, bullShyte, some falsified, fabricated, whatever it is,” said Flesh

He also elaborated on the case and alluded to shady business being conducted.

“It was off the radar until somebody found out I was coming to Cleveland and then they went and dug it up out the bottom of the barrel.  Because like I [said], California’s system did several checks to see if I had nationwide warrants and I didn’t have – When I was released from prison [in July 2008] I didn’t have warrants, until I went to Cleveland [last week]. So, it’s something that hopefully – It’s just a little ‘nother little bump in the road. It’s nothing.  We go through these trials and tribulations.  But it’s nothing for us. And it’s nothing to me.  It was just another ordeal to have to go through and get cleaned up at the same time so [that] we can keep moving on with this movement.”

Hopefully Flesh can find the means to clear the air and stand triumphant when all is said and done.