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Being known as the former wife of Lil Wayne, many question why Antonia Carter continues to keep the last name of her past husband.

Is she, in fact, still in love with Wayne and that’s why she wants to keep his “Carter” tagged?

During an interview with AllHipHop, Toya finally took the time to address what many have constantly wondered in regards to holding the title of “Carter”

“To me what’s the big deal with the last name? My daughter is a Carter, it’s not because I’m all attached to Wayne, but we were married and that was my last name. It’s bad enough a lot of other things shifted up like I don’t see the last name being an issue.”

And there is it folks, just because Toya wants to remain a “Carter” that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is hoping that Wayne will finally see the light and rekindle the relationship.

Then again, this is a dealing between a man and a woman, so who really knows what the truth is.