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Apparently, this is the case according to the rapper himself as the news was broken through Eminem’s Twitter recently.

Eminem:  There is no Relapse 2

Without everyone throwing a fit, understand that this might not necessarily mean that Slim Shady ISN’T coming through with a new project.

Stating that his upcoming project will be completely different from Relapse and will be more emotionally driven, as opposed to the rapper just rhyming, it only makes sense that he would ditch the original title.

So for those that might be fearful that the funny voice is coming back, it seems certain that he was able to get the rest of that out of his system in Relapse: Refill.

In regards to when the project is coming, anyone’s guess would suffice as details are still heavily under wraps from the Shady camp.

Let’s make a bet to see what album that was originally meant to come out in 2009 comes out first, and actually drops before 2010 closes.