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As much of a pain it is to just call it what it is, sometimes rappers don’t come to the realization that what they believe is hot, might not just be the one.

With all engines go for The R.E.D. Album, Game released the “street” single for the upcoming project.

“It Must Be Me” feat Pharrell

So…WTF was that Game?  Why is he yelling all over the production like that.

“Krazy” didn’t work, “Big Money” was forgotten and by the sounds of this, Game might have to rethink the game plan.

For anyone that is keeping count, that makes his THIRD attempt at a street single for the upcoming project, which  is scheduled to drop in June.

Funny enough, the rapper did poke fun at the fact that his former labelmate 50 Cent had to go through the trial and error period since people weren’t being as receptive to the singles as he initially thought.

Well Game, unless that feature with Justin Timberlake does what it’s “expected” then there should be some kind of worry coming out.

Having all of these features and producers don’t mean a thing when the material isn’t matching the arsenal behind the product.

The title of the song says it all Game…it must be you.  This also isn’t helping the argument that 50 Cent wasn’t a major factor in creating those hits.

Is Game starting to lose his touch in music or is this just a new sound that will have to grow on people?