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A very young grandmother is cherishing the fact that she’s alive after her 11-year-old grandson allegedly shot her in the head.

Annie Mougell-Walker, 42, of Tulsa, Oklahoma says she was preparing to discipline the boy for getting in trouble at school when she saw a flash and heard a loud bang. That’s when she knew her own flesh and blood had tried to put her down like a rabid dog.

Reports NYDailyNews:

Annie Mougell-Walker, 42, reportedly survived the Monday shooting at her apartment about 4 p.m. in Tulsa and was able to return home later that day in a neck brace — with the bullet still lodged in her head.

“He brought home some sort of progress report,” Officer Jillian Roberson told the Daily News. “She begins to read it and he clearly knows what it says, and it’s not in favor of him.”

The boy retrieved a .22-caliber gun from the grandmother’s bedroom while she was reading, Roberson said.

The child was charged with shooting with intent to kill, Roberson said.

The grandmother dialed 911 and was taken to Saint Francis hospital where investigators interviewed her.

At first the child told police that it wasn’t him. This reportedly prompted police to look for another explanation — until the grandmother spoke out.

Doctors will have to wait for the bullet to work its way out of Mougell-Walker’s skull before it safe to operate on her. The name of the boy wasn’t released.

Flip through the gallery of more pictures of the incident. Was this the worst Mother’s Day ever?


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