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If you tuned in to this season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, you already know that new cast members Waka Flocka Flame and his lovely fiancée, Tammy Rivera came in to the show with baggage.

As Waka Flocka raged with Steve Aoki during a concert, Tammy waited patiently on the sideline and spoke of his past infidelities. They were a host of claims that Flocka didn’t deny but promised better days were ahead.

Today is not that day.

From out the woodwork, an unknown groupie decided to boost the show’s ratings by uploading pictures of a sleeping Waka Flocka on a new Instagram account created strictly for scandal. She positioned her sweated-out weave in the photo, presumably after a night of being thumped.

“Yeah yo n***a still cheatin @charliesangelll he a lyin ass grimey n***a,” was plastered on the pictures followed by the hashtags:” #tammy #tammyrivera #waka #wakaflocka #liar #cheater #fuckem #lhha #loveandhiphop.” Ensuring that Tammy saw it, the disloyal jumpoff posted the same pic twice and teased, “I asked him was he happy with you he said he didnt know This was a month ago booo.. @charliesangelll #waka #wakaflocka #tammy #tammyrivera.”

Tammy didn’t appear to be phased by the account; she and a friend denounced a publication’s alleged “facts” of the situation but she most likely made the Atlanta rapper attempt to charm his way out of this struggle.

Hit the gallery to see pics of a fiancée’s worst nightmare.

H/T: Bossip

Photo: Instagram/IJustHaveToKeepItReal, Tammy Rivera

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