At this point, there’s bound to be at least one trolling fan at any given Action Bronson show. As if the Queens rapper’s track record doesn’t speak for itself, he was forced to lay hands on yet another fan at a recent North Carolina show.

The moment came when a man reportedly stepped onstage to pass Bronsolino a blunt. But as history shows, the MC doesn’t like folks to invade his personal space when he’s rocking a crowd. Next came a fade of epic proportions. We’re talking a haymaker of all haymakers.

Below, you’ll find a YouTube clip as well has the hilarious video description:

I don’t have anything against hipsters or whatever but that kid was pissing me the whole show. I’m so glad he jumped on stage to give Bronson his lil mosquito leg blunt. He got his sh*t wreaked tho.. He got hit so hard he flipped three rows back into the crowd. That boy found Christ in mid air. He got hit so hard that the inventor of bucket hats dropped his cane and gasped like yoda when the sith took over. Action pulled a sharkesha i’m not gonna front. That kid legit wanted to give him his blunt so bad that he forgot whose show he was fair-weathering at.

[Spotted at 2BZ]

Photo: YouTube

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