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Don’t think for once that just because a music artist has a so-called reputation to maintain, he or she won’t square up with a fan if need be.

Sure, it’s kind of foul when someone as celebrated as Kid Cudi is making headlines for attacking a fan, but let’s be real – rappers are human too. Not to mention, more often than not, our favorite MCs hail from some of the most notorious hoods across the U.S.

The famous adage of “you can take the girl out the street, but you can’t take the street out the girl” rings true (sans the girl part) when we witness someone like Mr. 305 cold-clock a fan. Pitbull was dressed in a 3-piece suit when he punched an audience member square in the face (which was entertaining to say the least).

In light of the recent scuffle Action Bronson got himself into (as if the Queens rapper needs another incident added to his track record), we present to you 10 other epic fades rappers gave their paying customers. Hit the flip to catch all the recorded action, and let us know which one you think is the craziest in the comments.

Photo: WENN

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