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Jay Z and Solange Knowleselevator clash last week nearly broke the Internets, and fans are still speculating as to what went on that night at the Met Gala in New York. Saturday Night Live couldn’t resist getting in on the joke, and spoofed the tussle in a skit last night.

Jay Z and Solange, played by Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata respectively, are seated together with Kenan Thompson playing an overzealous bodyguard who jumps in between the two at every possible jab.

Although the real artists in question released a conclusive statement regarding the incident, the SNL cast take humorous shots at the in-laws all the same. Jay, ahem, Pharoah goes on to explains why Beyoncé isn’t in the shot with the pair, saying, “she’s off making another sexually aggressive video about a monogamous relationship.”

With Thompson fighting hard to not crack a smile whenever he goes to block any feint that Zamata makes, Pharaoh and Zamata then launch into a comical overdub of the elevator fight which involves Solange actually knocking a spider off her brother-in-law. Trust us, you have to watch the clip to experience all the hilarity.

Shutting down the skit, however, is former SNL cast member Maya Rudolph reprising her Beyoncé role. The best part is seeing the rest of the cast struggle to conceal their laughter during the live taping. Although this skit will just add more fuel to the fire, it’s good to know that the in-laws are allegedly past all the beef now.

Watch the Saturday Night Live of Jay Z and Solange Knowles’ elevator fight spoof below.


Photo: NBC/Saturday Night Live