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Macklemore may be a darling of gay rights activists and feel-good lefty types, but he’s in potential hot water after the popular rapper played a show in a questionable costume. At a secret show in Seattle, Macklemore hit the stage appearing dressed to look like a stereotypical Jewish man.

Last Friday, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were the surprise performers in honor of a new exhibit at Seattle’s EMP Museum. Although it’s difficult to determine who exactly Macklemore is supposed to be in his getup, it’s clear fans on social media are just as confused. But anyone expecting a rousing statement from “Thrift Shop” star are still in waiting as he’s barely addressed the brouhaha.

“A fake witches nose, wig, and beard = random costume. Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody,” tweeted Macklemore early Sunday morning. To Macklemore’s credit, he never did signify what the costume was and it was media outlets across the nation speculating that he was mocking Jewish culture.

Macklemore was performing in support of the EMP exhibit Spectacle: The Music Video.


Photo: YouTube