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Comedian Mike Epps saw the proverbial jig hit its zenith point last night (May 18), and it was all his fault. He tweeted a court side image of a game between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers captioned “We Here,” except the picture wasn’t from the same game.

Yes, you read that right, as did Black Twitter, who collectively pulled out their slander cannons. Most noted the black Heat jerseys seen in Epps’ flick, while the reigning champs were actually outfitted in red last night. Again, the jig was sky high.

The fraudulent pic quickly prompted the #WeHere trending topic, which was a publicized ether if we’ve ever seen one. In the spirit of Epps’ original tweet (which has since been deleted), folks attached the most ludicrous photos of things they clearly didn’t witness firsthand.

Needless to say that you should hit the jump for a definite laugh. Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: Twitter

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