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Some rappers just struggle to make words rhyme, while others are more adept at putting down 16s with the use of descriptive wordplay. The “He sounds like Ghostface” shade aside, Action Bronson is one of the most entertaining MCs out when it comes to putting together cleverly conceived similes and metaphors.

In an era when lyrics seem to be on the decline, Bam Bam is one of the artists still pushing storytelling skills to the forefront with the grace of an eccentric author. But, sometimes, when the portly rhyme slinger is describing his own physical attributes, his comparisons are so far off they are entertainingly on point.

Bronsolini’s hilariously off base analogies range from likening himself to people who aren’t his race, to comparing himself to someone who isn’t technically human.

In honor of the Flushing, Queens rapper’s recently announced Mr. Wonderful album, we’ve compiled a list of Bron Bron’s most creatively off lyrical self-comparisons…

Photo: Instagram

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