It seems as though Coolio just can’t find an escape from legal troubles.

Fresh off having a bench warrant for his arrest dismissed, more financial issues are knocking on the former rapper’s door as his baby’s mother is demanding that he start paying child support.

With documentation stating that he earns just over $1,300 a month, the woman is telling the rapper to pay her $300 monthly for his one-year-old son, Christopher Kal El Ivey Bellesi.

Well, in comparison to Nas, everyone else is making out great when it comes to proposed child support payments.

Much deeper than making payments, the woman, Anabella Bellesi, told TMZ that it has become a necessary step at this point.

According to Bellesi, in order for her to apply for Medi-Cali for young Christopher, it must be proven to the state that all of her funds/options have been exhausted.

Coolio, it’s about time to start getting it together over on your part of town instead of allowing a hole to dig itself deeper and deeper.

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