Last night in the early morning (May 25), rapper T.I. and boxing champ Floyd Mayweather got into a brawl at a Fat Burger in Las Vegas. Allegedly, the root of the altercation was Tip’s wife, Tiny.

According to TMZ, T.I. stepped to Mayweather in the Fat Burger and took a swing at him. That’s when the security teams for both of the celebs stepped in and an all out brawl broke out.

Earlier in the night, Tiny had been hanging out the Money Team, sharing a pic of herself and Mayweather’s daughter on Instagram. Later on that evening, according to Twitter user @ItsTheBauce, Young Dro “pressed” Mayweather about kicking it with Tiny, while Tip was hosting a party at Prive.

In one clip that made it onto the Internets, Mayweather is clearly heard telling someone we’re assuming is Tip to, “Control your b*tch!,” at a casino.

Tip and Mayweather crossed paths later at Fat Burger and during the melee a chair was thrown and a Fat Burger employee reportedly suffered a slash in his face. Said employee refused to press charges or cooperate (read: he is going to file a lawsuit, and get paid).

By the time the authorities arrived, both Mayweather and T.I. had already left the scene.

Of course, this is all technically speculation since no one involved has confirmed what exactly went down. Why would you step to a prize fighter, though?

Check out photos and footage of the fight below and in the following pages.

Photo: Twitter/@ItsTheBauce

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