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Whether they release an album or not, Lil Wayne is ride or die for his YMCMB crew. If your name happens to be Scooter Braun, you may want to take heed to the latter after watching Weezy’s impromptu rant/death threat fresh from hopping off a plane from Paris.

Wayne’s beef with Justin Bieber’s manager dates back to last year when Young Money rapper Lil Twist was accused of being a bad influence on his Canadian gold mine. Bieber is allegedly a syrup-sipping, misdemeanor magnet while Twist’s legal slate is clean but it is what it was.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, Lil Wayne released a viral video reigniting their feud with a jet lagged Twist by his side. “I hear this b*tch ass n***a Scooter talkin’ sh*t about my little brother,” Wayne shouted at the beginning of his profanity-laced tirade. “N***a this my motherf*****g brother! Anything you got to say, when you see me, say it to my motherf*****g face!”

Lil Twist was actually rooming with Bieber for most of summer 2013 before he and struggle rapper Lil Za allegedly kept influencing the pop star to get involved with cop alerting shenanigans. Throughout the video, Wayne maintains he has allegiance to Bieber but as for Braun, his obituary is literally spelled out.

“If you happen to say it to my face,” Wayne continued, “I ain’t gonna make you eat them words, n***a. I’m gonna put them b****s on your tombstone.”

Wayne is notorious for his ill-advised, hot-tempered moments. Not a soul could forget his lashing out against the Miami Heat including the now-infamous claim that he banged out Chris Bosh’s wife.

Peep Lil Wayne’s latest public service announcement below.

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