Dame Dash is a polarizing figure to say the least, but his candor with topics regarding any of the culture’s he’s been affiliated with often insightful. During a recent trip to California, the businessman discussed his thoughts on Jay Z’s highly discussed elevator skirmish with sister-in-law Solange Knowles.

“I was laughing. That sh*t was funny,” Dash said with no hesitancy. But Jay’s former friend and business partner has always enjoyed a good laugh. According to Dame, he’s the only person who makes jokes at the rapper’s expense.

He continued, “I don’t think he should be mad about it. I think he should just be laughing.” Dame also mentioned how Hov’s position in the business world affected his reaction to being pummeled.

“Jay has to worry about perception because corporate people pay him,” the Harlem native said. “I thought what was ironic about it was people got to see how he plays sh*t off, and how something crazy can happen and then four seconds later when it’s cameras on, they act like nothing’s going on. That was interesting to see that and how good he was at it. But then it just kind of exposes it. It’s like how do you trust anything moving forward?”

In the end, Dame reverted back to his original statement: Jay shouldn’t  be mad, because it was just one of life’s comedic moments.

Hear Dame Dash speak in the footage below.

Photo: YouTube

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