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Once a promising rapper from Chicago, Bump J was sentenced to a 10-year stint in prison after pleading guilty to a bank robbery in 2007. Today, he speaks out from behind bars.

In a recent phoner with Miss Info, Bump J – who’s been locked-up since 2009 – shared tidbits about his current state and hinted at feeling out of touch due to his limited access to music. Luckily, the man born Terrence Boykin has received major help from friend and mentor Kanye West, who’s provided much needed support since day one.

“We can’t really get any music in here, but I heard that Chief Keef ‘I Don’t Like (Remix).’ I was feeling that,” Bump said before bigging up Mr. West and revealing he might be freed from jail soon. “Kanye helped pay for my lawyer, and he’s a great friend. I got nothing but for respect for ‘Ye. He’ll have first choice when I come home. Right now, I’m looking to get out in February or sooner.”

Listen to a snippet of the exclusive dialogue below. Stay tuned for the full interview. Perhaps Bump has in store some new music for our listening pleasure? Only time will tell…

[Via Miss Info]

Photo: YouTube