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The courtroom drama of the Brooklyn rapper Ra Diggs case continues to take interesting turns that seem like they are only built for scrapped episodes of Law & Order.

Saquan Wallace, 28, a former lackey of Diggs (Ronald Herron) took the stand today, June 2 to recant the time he says he was “advised” to dress like a woman to execute a rival drug dealer who was encroaching on their territory.

The NYDailyNews was in court today to witness Wallace’s testimony. He is currently serving a 30-year sentence for racketeering, murder and drug trafficking, so his decision to break the street code known as snitching comes with justification. In 2006, Jabari Foster was wanted by the Wyckoff Gardens drug operation and Wallace alleges Diggs gave him the idea because he too, got his Tyler Perry on and dressed up like a woman to pull off his assassinations.

“I put on a wig, lipstick, makeup and I went looking for him, Wallace told jurors in Brooklyn Federal Court. “Someone walked out and I was around the wall waiting. When the person came in the open it was him (Foster) and I opened fire on him repeatedly and killed him.

Afterwards, Wallace said he burned the drag outfit in a plastic bag and didn’t think nothing of it. Defense lawyer James Neuman asked Wallace about the incident about the disguise’s believability and he told the courtroom, “It was good enough.”

Early in the case, Judge Nicholas Garaufis threatened to clear the courtroom when the remainder of the Ra Diggs loyalists were “eyeballing a witness” who was testifying on the stand.

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