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The last time you saw Charles Hamilton, he was probably ranting about a myriad of topics like some whacked out nut job.

This latest Charles Hamilton sighting brings just that and so much more to the table without any given reason, but we all should be grateful it transpired.

It didn’t take much for SA-TV to put the battery in the once-prominent rapper’s back when he was stopped in the streets of Brooklyn and what we were privy to was a stream of unconsciousness about the music industry injecting AIDS in babies and Sonic the Hedgehog falling somewhere in between Buddha and Allah.

For a very lengthy 30 minutes, the scatterbrained MC delivers endless quotables from the depths of his brain that most likely contain some sort of mental illness. The interviewers trolled until they pushed the right buttons and the end result was pretty much, Harlem taking a supreme L.

You can choose to watch the half of an hour segment on YouTube or hit the gallery to see the most outrageous quotes from Chuck’s street ramblings.

Photo: YouTube

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